Convert Pro Review – Pros and Cons of Using It for Lead Generation (Updated 2020)

This is the Convert Pro Review. Convert Pro is an email opt-in & lead generation plugin. With the help of the plugin, you can collect and grow your visitor's email list.
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With the increase in marketing and advertisement of products, there are ample possibilities of generating a drive for your business by different strategic methods. One of the main strategic process for substantial growth in the subscriber of your business and then converting them to buying is Lead Generation.

Lead generation is the process of luring your potential customers into a specified marketing management system with the vision of assisting them throughout the process of selection and buying which makes them aware of the attributes of the product and then making them buy the product. 

For this, there are several plugins that help you to carry out the process of lead generation effortlessly, one of such plugins is the Convert Pro. This Convert pro review provides you to know all the related details about this plugin.

1. What is Convert Pro?

Convert Pro is a lead generation plugin which is used in WordPress. It provides an easy solution for making attractive prompts, pop-ups and opt-in forms. The making of these requires substantial knowledge of coding and other computer languages, but with the help of this plugin, you can perform all that easily.

Convert Pro is a product of Brainstorm Force company, the company behind Astra theme, the fastest and lightweight WordPress theme in the market.

Convert pro provides numerous templates that are top of the grade. This enables you to get your forms on the track just in a click. 

2. Features

The productive feature makes the implementation simple. The elaborative features are described in this Convert Pro review.

2.1. Drag-and-Drop Editor

The feature of Drag-and-Drop Editor makes it easy to create opt-in forms very simple. It takes minimal time to create an opt-in form with this editor without even giving thinking to coding and other languages.

drag and drop editor

This is one of the best features of convert pro. With this, you can easily interpret the way your opt-in forms going to look. It gives an accurate view of the opt-in form that how it looks on every device. After all, switching back and forth takes time. This feature enables us to save a lot of time while performing a task carefully.

2.2. Professionally Designed Templates

Convert Pro has many professionally designed templates that can be used to increase your conversion rate of the business.

These templates can be modified as per the user. You can exactly make as per your want.

ready templates

2.3. Cloud Technology (Fast and Lightweight)

Convert Pro only installs the templates which you are using on your server, which does not increase the workload of your server, thus it is lightweight and fast.

Speed optimization of a website or plugin is what I always put into consideration because it affects SEO.

Unlike other contemporary lead generation plugins. They install all the templates on your server when you install their plugins.

Convert Pro’s cloud technology can store a lot of the templates on the cloud which can be accessed simply with a click without giving any burden to your server.

2.4. Responsive Design

Nowaday the responsive design is a must for any website. Google also suggests using responsive design for the mobile website for getting better indexing.

Hence, Convert Pro has built with the mobile view editor to guarantee your form is responsive to any devices.

responsive design

2.5. Advanced Trigger

It is very important to convey the whole attributes to your consumer at the right time. It increases the chance of converting them into a buyer.

This plugin provides full access to the user to convey the message to the consumer. There are numerous triggers that can enormously change the situation. 

advanced trigger

2.6. Advanced Filter

You can target audiences using the advanced filters that come with Convert Pro. These filters will help you get higher conversion rates.

The advanced targeting filters that come with Convert Pro are:

advanced filter

2.7. Advanced Cookies Action

You can also perform certain actions based on the cookies to improve the visitor’s experience to your website and form.

Advanced Cookies

2.8. Email Marketing Integration

We often need a lead generation tool to work closely with an email marketing tool. Convert Pro also integrates seamlessly with most of the email marketing providers such as ConvertKit, MailerLite, and MailChimp.

These are the list of the email marketing providers that Convert Pro can support.

email marketing integration 1

2.9. A/B Testing

Convert Pro also comes with the A/B tests feature.

A/B tests can help you to figure out which version of the design has a higher conversion from your audiences. You can use the one that brings in the highest conversions and remove the others.

In order to use the A/B tests, you need to install the Convert Pro A/B Test Addon.

For better analysis, you have to integrate with Google Analytics so that you can track the impressions and conversions.

3. Lead Generation Methods – Call to Action Types

Convert Pro consists of 8 types of lead generation methods to suit your needs, which are:

  1. Modal Popup
  2. Info Bar
  3. Slide-In
  4. Before/After
  5. In Content Form
  6. Widget Box
  7. Convert Mat
  8. Full Screen Popup

The image below shows the types of call to action and their description.

lead generation types

4. How to Create a Call to Action Form from Convert Pro

Creating a call to action form from convert Pro is very easy. Below are the 4 steps to use the Convert Pro.

#1.Download and install the plugin.

#2. Go to Convert Pro -> Dashboard -> Create New

step2 go to dashboard

#3. Select a Call-to-action Type

step3 select call to action type

#4. Select a template and assign a name

step4 select a template and assign a name

#5. Drag and drop to start designing your call to action.

step5 drag and drop to design

#6. Ensure the design works well in mobile view

step6 mobile view

#7. Configure advanced trigger, filter, and cookies

step7 advanced trigger filter and cookies

#8. Integrate with your email marketing tool or just email to your own mail server.

step8 email marketing integration

#9. Save and make public the form.

step 9 save and publish

#10. Your form is now live.

5. Documentation and Support

Convert Pro has very complete documentation for the plugin.

There is a detailed knowledge base with over 160 articles about the plugin.

convert pro documentation

If you still face other problems, you can send a support ticket to the Convert Pro team. Their customer service is very good, they are very unlikely to let the customer wait for so long.

6. Pricing

Convert Pro has 2 different licensing packages as described below. All of them have the option of one year or lifetime subscription.

6.1. Single License

The one year licensing is the package in which you get access to the plugin package for 1 year. You can use this plugin on unlimited websites. You can update and opt for support for one year.

This package is very affordable as it comes with a price tag of only 99$, which is very competitive to its competitors. The attributes which this plugin provides are at par level.

Convert pro also comes with lifetime licensing in which you get unlimited access and update of the plugin. The legible price tag for lifetime subscription makes it ample for a business owner to generate leads.

6.2. Agency Bundle

It also comes in an agency bundle which makes it very preferable for commercial use. You will get the following functionalities if you opt for this package. The agency bundle comes with a price tag of $249 for one year and for the lifetime access it charges $699.

  1. Convert Pro
  2. Astra Pro
  3. All Starter sites
  4. WP Portfolio Plugin
  5. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
  6. Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  7. Schema Pro
  8. All future Plugins

If you are using Astra (the best and fastest theme for WordPress) as your website theme (or also using Elementor page builder like me), probably you can consider upgrading to Agency Bundle, to enjoy All in One premium package which includes also Astra Pro and Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

convert pro pricings

7. Pros

Drag-and-Drop Editor
Responsive Design
Fast and Lightweight
Advanced Triggers, Filters, and Cookies
Email Marketing Integration
A/B Testing
Google Analytics Integration
Page-Level Targeting
Geolocation Targeting

8. Cons

No free version provided like Astra free theme

9. Convert Pro Review Conclusion

This plugin is one of the niches in its market. It is one of the best lead generation plugins. Convert Pro is gaining popularity massively. This is because it provides numerous top-class features.

In addition to that, the segmentation of the pricing is good compared to its competitors. If you want to generate leads and list the possibilities of the potential consumers, then this is the ideal solution.

Convert Pro

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