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I write an easy tutorial on how to build a reliable and fast WordPress website. Both theory and implementation are provided in my tutorial. I wish creating a website can become an easy job nowadays by following my guide.

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There are many tutorials available on the internet to teach how to build a WordPress website. However, some tutorials I found out are hard and complicated which are not suitable for a starter like blogger or business owner to learn. Hence, I have written this complete and easy-follow guide which summaries all the important steps into 6 essential steps.

Essential Step #1 (15mins)

Buying a domain name (name of your website) is the first step of building a WordPress website. In this guide, I provided information about domain name and also provided step by step guide to buy a domain name from NameCheap (The best domain name registrar).


Essential Step #2 (20mins)

The second step is to host a website. Web hosting allows you to store WordPress website files in its server online. In this guide, I shared knowledge about web hosting and guidance to buy a recommended web hosting from A2Hosting (The fastest web hosting provider).

Essential Step #3 (10mins)

The third step is to install WordPress in your hosting. WordPress is so popular nowadays. It is a website / blog builder tool and CMS. In this article, I provided information about why you should use WordPress and also its installation guideline.

Essential Step #4 (15 mins)

The fourth step is to install theme for the WordPress website. Theme controls the style for your website. In this article, I provided installation guideline about my favourite theme, WP Astra (fast, lightweight and customizable) and also its configuration


Essential Step #5 (30 mins)

The fifth step is to install plugins for the WordPress website. Plugins provides additional functions for your website. In this article, I explained about what is the use of the plugins and also provided information about my recommended plugins in 2019.

Essential Step #6 (1.5 hours)

The final step is to build pages & posts. Pages & posts presents the contents of your website. At this guide, I shared about how to use Elementor effectively (The best drag & drop page builder). You can easily build up your website without any web programming knowledge.

Complete speed optimization

Nobody likes to visit a website that takes long time to load. By improving the website loading time, you improve the user experience. Google also considers the website loading time as a factor for the search engine ranking. To speed up website loading time, there are several things that can be configured. Check it out to see how do I get my site to load in 387ms.

elementor speed up guide
Extended Guide for Elementor

Elementor is a page builder which give us flexibility to build a website by using drag and drop editor. This is the extended guide from complete speed optimization, specifically on how to speed up Elementor website for Elementor user by removing unnecessary HTTP requests.

caching plugin
Swift Performance

Swift performance is an all in one speed optimization cache plugin. It can do caching, javascript & CSS optimization, image optimization, database optimization and etc. In this guide, I showed how to configure Swift Performance settings which works best for WordPress website.

setup cloudflare

Cloudflare CDN caches the content of the website and strategically store them across the world in its data centers. In this guide, I showed you how to setup for the Cloudflare and its perfect settings to improve website loading speed, reduce bandwidth consumption and increase website security.

Optimize images
Single & Bulk

Optimizing images for WordPress website can improve the page loading speed and GTMetrix/Pingdom score. In this guide, I showed step by step on how to optimize single image or bulk images using Photoshop. The process includes images resize, compression and optimization.

Host google fonts locally
Manual & Plugin

Hosting Google Fonts locally can reduce the number of external HTTP requests. Hence, improving the website speed. It can also improve the GTMetrix/Pingdom score. In this guide, I showed step by step on how to host Google Fonts locally by using either manual or plugin methods.

What Am I Using in WPBuilderMaster



Domain name registrar



Web hosting provider

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Elementor Pro

Page builder plugin

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Rank Math

SEO Tool

swift performance lite

Swift Performance

Cache plugin



Google analytics plugin



WordPress backup


Coming Soon SeedProd

Maintenance Plugin

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Antispam Bee

Anti spam plugin

all in one wp security

All In One WP Security

Security plugin

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